I'm Caitlyn Nicole.

I am an adventurous wedding and boudoir photographer, freelance graphic designer, and fitness enthusiast. I am completely in love with my dark and handsome ;) and our adorable daughter whose eyelashes are honestly infamous. I am all about real connections and sharing raw, genuine moments. 

Been making life beautiful since β€˜95


Photography is not a side hustle for me; its a lifestyle.


When I began capturing people and moments with my lens, I knew I wanted to take how I viewed the world and people + how they shared their stories and lives and develop it into a unique vision. This lead me onto a journey of finding what sets my soul on fire. Empowering women and capturing the FIRE and PASSION in your love story -- THAT sets my heart ablaze. 

So forget the posed, stiff smiles. Hello to the little touches. The passionate kisses. The laughing til you cry moments. I want to become your friend, not some stranger that shows up and awkwardly third-wheels your love story. NOPE. I wanna be that chic behind the camera swooning over your cuddles and cheering on those kisses :D and its okay because we get each other. We've shared our stories, we've been talking about the shoot for weeks, and the excitement is ALL THERE. I am a photographer for those who love deeply, live intentionally and value passion and adventure. My style is warm and moody; genuine photos of raw moments that tell a story. And that's what I do, I'm here to tell YOUR story. Feel like we'd be friends or a good match? Lets chat! 



It's no secret that creating a brand that is personable is absolutely essential. Sharing a story - your story - will create connection and build a relationship with your clients. With a degree in Graphic Design & Advertising, I have the tools to combine strong typography + minimalist design and bold photography to bring your vision to life.