lover. mama. artist. fighter.

Heyy ya'll! My life is an insane balance of motherhood, entrepreneurship, and adventuring with my dark and handsome ;) Usually, love stories don’t begin with “I first noticed her after she throat-punched me...” but it’s US. And I love us. A couple of black eyes and busted lips later, we’re self-defense instructors, life-long partners and parents together.  Our daughter is a ray of sunshine and keeps us laughing and her eyelashes are honestly infamous. 

Most days, you'll find me in yoga pants and a messy bun, while seeming to never finish that cup of coffee I've reheated a.million.times. I cannot live without sunshine and am desperately trying to keep my plant babies alive and happy. *fingers crossed*  and YES. I know I'm short ---where my fellow shorties at?!--- but it's cool, I've got my trusty lil step-stool with me. 

But real talk; being a creative is this awesome struggle of impulsive bursts of art and ideas coupled with the realism of paying bills and managing responsibilities. There's highs and lows in this creative journey and I am learning to embrace each moment. Trying to keep it real and honest on the social with dialogue of body positivity, community over competition and sharing love.