Time is a tricky thing

I know. There's like no belly in that picture. BUT look how much baby O (aka Quasi) has grown in the last two weeks! Baby is about the size of a prune now but already moves enough that it was hard to get a picture for our second ultrasound (= Everything looks healthy, I'm healthy despite allergies, and praise God the nausea has been next to none! 

There are still moments in the day when reality hits and I get those overwhelming panicky thoughts of holy crap I'm a mom, this is happening, what if I mess up horribly and how the hell am I going to do this?! This journey is going to reveal more steel in me. Because its only going to make me a stronger person. Each week I feel like I am able to overcome one more weakness though I discover 2 more =P It feels like I have so much to do and no time. YET. time feels like its passing so slowly. It's best to just enjoy it and capture the memories as often as I can. 2 more weeks til I'm in the second trimester and we can post an announcement !!!!! Then I'm gonna be on myself to take a weekly picture to watch Baby O and baby bump grow. (=

Krav has been more stressful for me as no one knows yet about baby O and so trying to avoid bumps and bruises and heavy padwork has been ... well stressful. AND IM TIRED ALL THE TIME. I hate that the most. I feel like I may could accept it more if I dealt with more morning sickness (NOT wishing for that just to be clear) but miss I have-to-do-everything is really struggling with my body telling me rest is best. Haha I do enjoy telling Alex about my cravings though he says its all in my head. But

Alex has been such an amazing person through all this. We have our spats where we discuss things (heatedly) but I always walk away feeling okay if not better. We've really stressed communication and discussing things and despite the initial bumpiness, its been a relief to have him to lean on as a partner. His family and my family all know now except Nanny and Papas (my mom's parents) who are meeting us later on this month for dinner. They've never actually met Alex either so it'll be a lot of info coming in that night for them (= 

The latest OBGYN appointment was quick, despite needing a papsmear (oh god why...), but apparently I'm a really healthy person and should have a drama free pregnancy. Whoop whoop! I have O- blood (universal donor here) which means I'll need to get the shot or whatever because of the RH factor. We got to hear the heartbeat again which is crazy fast. And the baby was moving around enough we had to play around to get a snapshot. Alex is excited for it to be a kicker like him. Which is understandable if you've been on the receiving end of his formidable kicks. This baby already has its childhood planned out: gymnastics, martial arts, music, and art lessons. 

I am pretty happy having two blog posts up. My website updated minus the content I need to add from my personal laptop. I GOT TWO GRAPHIC DESIGN JOBS DONE. And daily walks in the sunshine. Sometimes its good to write down reminders to enjoy the little things or acknowledge I accomplished something.