Baby O // Updates

I'm on the cusp of turning turning 13 weeks! AHH. its really crazy to think back and realize I've been carrying around a child for over 2 months.  Literally, it feels unreal. The baby has grown into the fetus stage this past week. The little 'What to Expect' app on my phone provides updates each week on the growth of the baby and its incredible all the things its little body is doing! It's about the size of a peach now but no there's absolutely no showing of any baby bump =P 

The changes in my body feel subtle but overwhelming at times. I do feel the loosening of my joints, particularly with the hips and knees because of the strain they are already under due to krav and past injuries. The headaches are generally manageable but yesterday I took a half day off work because the nausea and dizziness. Weather tends to wreck havoc on the sinuses which just adds to the headache symptoms. Energy levels are higher but I will admit sleep has been the most amazing thing. 

But aside from that, Alex and I have spent the last week meeting with family and house hunting! Whoop whoop #adulting. 

4.30.16 | Dinner with Papas and Nanny

Last Saturday we met my grandparents for dinner and they enjoyed meeting Alex for the first time. Everyone got to catch up, eat food but the opportunity to say something about the baby never really came up so I asked for them to walk around Crabtree Mall with us. We stopped in a coffee shop and after chatting for a few, I told them I couldn't believe people had kept it a secret long enough for us to meet and handed them the ultrasound pictures saying, "you're going to be great grandparents." I swear, Nanny gasped and screamed at the same time and practically lunged at us to give us hugs. The surprise and shock on their faces was priceless.

Over the course of the weekend [which was pretty fantastic] we called my great grandparents, uncle and shared the news with them. so family is pretty much taken care of and now we just have to get a sunny afternoon and someone to take an announcement picture. We have an idea already, we just have to implement it. We won't find out til June sometime whether we're welcoming a Riley Alexis or Dean Alexander Ocasio into the world. 

Ashley has been enlisted as our agent in our search for a townhome/house/condo in a good area. Talk about exhausting. It's mentally draining to find something perfect and its already under contract within 24 hours. Sigh. We managed to get out last night to see some places but the search continues.. 

 Basically its pretty routine otherwise despite the craziness approaching. I NEED to get better about baby bump photos though. It feels like no change but I'm sure looking back i'll be able to see some progress each week. Alex was able to put his ear to my stomach the other night and hear the baby's heartbeat. The next OBGYN visit is in a couple weeks so I will probably update then with the announcement photos as well. Fingers crossed we'll have a place under contract soon! 

4.27.16 //  12 weeks

5.4.16 // 13 weeks