Say Yes to Boudoir

Casual Boudoir + wine

Alright ladies. It's time to throw out everything you think a Boudoir is or isn't. It's time to set aside all those reasons of why you could never do one and let me share an experience that could be perfectly tailored for you. There is so much to write on this topic, but I'd like to take a moment to do a few things. Firstly, I'd like to provide some background and insight into my vision for what a boudoir shoot should be and my ultimate goal for these sessions. And then I want to answer any questions you may about what to expect for session and tips on how to prepare for one! 


All of us struggle with body image at some point in our lives or deal with it on different occasions or stages in our life. It can be subtle, only rearing its ugly head in moments of doubt. For others, its a daily struggle and dictates their every decision.

Personally, I find I struggle with loving my body in subtle ways. Whenever I go shopping in particular for dresses, I have a desire to look for something feminine and flattering and a tad sultry. While trying on multiple dresses and styles, I usually end up fighting back tears of frustration as nothing achieves my expectation. I look frumpy or uncomfortable. My chest is too small or my stomach not flat enough. Honestly, I have maybe 3 dresses I like in my closet. And some days, I feel bloated and squishy and I scroll through my phone looking at women who seem to effortlessly have toned arms, abs, and an amazing butt.

And then one day, I set up my camera, put on my favorite strappy lingerie and did a few self-timed boudoir pictures. First off, its hella hard without a tripod and remote. Secondly, I want you to know... I get it. I saw all the squishiness in my stomach from having a baby last year. I struggle with the shape of my breasts. But I did discover through that shoot, how beautiful my body is. I felt confident in myself and how my personality shone through the poses I chose. I say all this because at that moment, I realized I knew what women needed and what they were trusting me to do in a boudoir shoot. 

As a lifestyle boudoir photographer, I am not just giving you a service, I am creating an experience for you. When you hire me, you're investing in me to capture your beauty with stunning images of real emotion and genuine moments in an intimate and vulnerable setting. You're trusting me to guide you into the perfect poses for you, your body and personality. Boudoir is an art. And I believe the experience should be fun; a mini celebration of you. I offer a MUA session beforehand and complimentary wine, beer or cider during your session. 

Every inquiry I receive, I immediately ask them what their vision for the shoot is. Whether this is your first time or you're looking for au naturel adventure, I want to get to know you. While I do have women express they want to do a little something for their hubby or significant other, I truly encourage you to do this for you. Love yourself, take these photos and decorate your bathroom, bedroom heck even your house with these tasteful, artistic photos of yourself.

Please know and trust that my whole passion is empowering you and helping you love every part that makes up you. Laugh, sip some wine, wear your favorite flannel, do some yoga, play in the sheets! The entire shoot is designed around you and your personality. During the shoot, I will make micro adjustments so the end result are beautiful raw pictures of the genuine and intimate you. 


I often get questions about how to prepare for a session so I've gathered a few tips I'd like to share. First off, I really do hope you throw out any expectations and come to your session willing to be yourself. Pinterest is wonderful, they have great poses but what works for those women may not be what fits you best. Because you and her are not the same. Coming from a lifestyle perspective, I will provide guidance on poses so you don't feel like you're left out on your own but I want to capture the confident, beautiful you so please let yourself become comfortable with me behind the camera and don't feel like you have to pose or act a certain way. 

If waxing is your thing (local girls, check out waxing the city! Amazing staff + professional environment. Ask for Anna or Bethany!) try to schedule one a couple days to a week before depending on how angry your skin gets after a wax. If you're not a huge fan of waxing, take some time to plan a long bath or hot shower the night before to shave, exfoliate and moisturize so your skin feels hydrated and pampered. Pluck those stray eyebrow hairs, remove any chipped nail polish, and apply your eye makeup a little heavier than normal if you don't want to schedule with a MUA. This will allow your makeup to show up cleaner and bolder in the photos. 

As far as outfits, bring what's in your closet! Or take this opportunity to go out with some girls and do a little shopping. Personally, I am in love with all things strappy. Add on a garter with stockings, yes please. I know women who love body suits, corsets and all things lace. My recommendation is if you feel confident in it, bring it. Avoid things that fit awkwardly or like they are forced on. Bring along some jewelry if you'd like some accents along your neckline or fingers. You can do a baseball cap, your Chonies briefs, and a croptop. Bring some liptsick along and do some getting ready shots. Maybe grab his sweater or tshirt and snuggle up in his smell. Relax and enjoy your beverage with a smile. Strip down and play with the sheets. Do some nude yoga. Whatever your style, lets have fun.  

During your session, I will be focusing on capturing flattering angles and lighting that really accent your features. Yes, Im a little on the short side so don't mind me dragging my step-stool all over the room to make sure I get the best angle. Every shoot, I've discovered something new and fun to try out with each woman which makes the expereince so unqiue and exciting. 

This is why I am so in love with my recent boudoir shoots, because both women had different takes on the same ideal: loving yourself. In fact, when I read Danielle's email response, I literally had a "hell yeah, girlfriend" cheer going on.  

...I have a lot of muscle mass but I still have some fluff on top of all that. I used to feel that I was sexy in spite of my rolls (even though they are small), now I think that they are a part of my sexiness. They make me more unique and make the hour glass even stronger. I would like to be able to show case my confidence in them and be able to show that those little bumps and extra curves are sexy because they are a part of me.

Not only did she celebrate her curves, but lord she was gorgeous and confident! She was truly happy and it showed in her very classy and elegant boudoir shoot. 

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sabrina, her shoot incorporated a multitude of outfits that brought out her laid-back but very confident style. She even did some yoga on the bed with her hella core strength! 

...recently, she helped me check off one of my bucket list items, but something I was nervous to do. We had a boudoir photoshoot. The entire process from initial contact to the end product was an unforgettable and beautiful experience ... Boudoir for me is an elegant photoshoot that captures the human body in an artistic way and the personality of the model. It is pivotal to be able trust your photographer to capture the essence of who you are in this intimate setting. I’ve never had so much fun during a photoshoot and the time flew by! She gave excellent direction, very open to my ideas and we had a fun conversation the entire time. Caity made me feel like a rockstar leaving the shoot and I was so excited to see the end product. She had a quick turnaround and sent me the gallery of photos the next day, and there wasn’t a single photo I didn’t love. Every photo captured was what I was looking for. If you’ve ever given even the slightest thought of a boudoir shoot, it is empowering and fun that captures the strength and beauty of your body and you.