If there's one thing I've learned from personal experience and being behind the camera it's this: photos have a unique power to empower, to heal, and to inspire.

You are worth loving. You are worth it all. You don't need to feel brave, skinny, fit, beautiful, put together, happy, whatever to do boudoir. trust me. You just need to show up and be YOU. 


it's time to

fall even deeper
          with each other


in love

My vision for boudoir is to bring out your inner soul, to show you how others see YOU. The beauty, the grace, the feistiness, the strength, the light, the sultry, all the pieces that make up your story and the incredible woman within. The vulnerability of saying yes to boudoir is a huge step in your self-love journey. To be vulnerable is to be brave. to be courageous. to stare down the lies you tell yourself and see the truth of your own beauty, strength and worth.

Vulnerability is a beautiful, delicate and intense thing. It's something we embrace when we open up to our partners, sharing our deepest thoughts and biggest dreams. Couple boudoir is an opportunity to capture that intimacy + trust between the two of you.

I specialize in sensual bold images full of emotion and passion and creating an all inclusive experience. It's hot. It's steamy. It's spicyyy. It's the two of you embracing and creating sparks.

This session is SO much more than showing up for photos. It's a whole experience. Your session fee includes a booked Airbnb that is available for you to stay at the night before for a quick date night getaway if you want! It also includes your favorite drinks, a custom playlist and styling guidance to create that perfect mood. I'm here every step of the way to help plan + style all the best vibes so you get an experience that not only feels like the two of you but you'll also get some bombass photos

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Intimate Boudoir $750

☾   90 minute shoot
☾   Booked room
☾   Session consultation 
☾   Boudoir outfit guide
☾   Access to boudoir closet
☾   Adult beverage (21+)
☾   Print Release
☾   Online Gallery of all highres edited digitals


couple Boudoir $950

☾   2 hour shoot
☾   Booked room
☾  Session consultation 
☾   Boudoir outfit guide
☾   Access to boudoir closet
☾   Adult beverage (21+)
☾   Print Release
☾   Online Gallery of all highres edited digitals


✩   HAIR & MAKEUP | $140
✩   MAKEUP | $70
✩   VIDEOGRAPHY | $300
✩   SHORT FILM (UNDER 5 MIN) | $200


✩ Prints + Albums option available to purchase ✩

it's spicy



Frequently asked


I average ~60 images for your session. Each image will be delivered as a highres file + edited with my style. I do minimal skin retouching such as blemishes. I also try to capture a few gifs for my clients to provide moment to your gallery.


You can bring anything! I have a few blog posts on how to shop your own closet, which stores are my favorite and an amazon list of affordable options. I also have a client closet of select pieces you're welcome to browse. 


I have worked with women, men, non-binary and LGBTQ+ of all sizes and all skin tones. You do not have to be a certain size, look or feel a certain way to do a boudoir session. You are welcome here. 


I have an amazing team of HMUA that will make you feel your best! This is an additional service you can add onto your session. You can also choose to add on just hair or just makeup. 


I GOTCHUUU! I will direct you through different poses and movement down to your hands, feet and even breathing. The biggest thing to remember is to arch that back, point those toes, and rock your vibe.

what about privacy? Who will see my photos?

There are 3 options! My contract includes a full model release, partial model release  or you can leave it blank for full privacy. All online galleries are password-protected so only you and who you share it with will have access. Even with a signed model release, I am very discreet about what I post online.

What about nudity?

Nudes are often my clients' favorite shots of themselves! I fully believe in you embracing your body during the session. You can show as much or as little skin as you’d feel led too! Couples - bottoms are required for both partners at all times during your shoot.


I use Honeybook to send contracts + invoices! You can securely pay by card or ACH. There is a 30% retainer + signed contract to secure your date and then the remainder is due the day of your shoot or broken up into payment plans leading up to your session or gallery delivery.


Due to the intimate nature of my work, I vet my male inquires heavily. I do work with males and am honored to have a captured men of all sizes, shapes and sexual preferences. 

Do you shoot erotica?

I do not shoot erotica. Give me all those sultry sensual vibes! No sexual acts or sex toys will be photographed during your session.

Props are welcome (handcuffs, bars, restraints, etc)


feeling my vibe?


My body has been through so much. It has been on the receiving end of all my frustration, criticism, all my self hate- through an eating disorder, self harm, stomach ulcers, PTSD, cancer scares.

Growing up, I was always told to “love others as you love yourself” But the “love” I show myself is often full of judgments and criticism. I am my own worst critic, my own worst enemy. 

No matter what you look like, we all experience shame, in all its ugliest forms. And more often than not, our body suffers the most from it. But there comes a point in your life when you suddenly realize, that you are not doomed to hate your body forever. The “normal” language people use, the self depreciation thrown around- you don’t have to agree with it. You have power, you have choice. You can choose to see yourself the way you see others, you can choose love- every day- for yourself. Because although we may be our own worst enemies- we are also our greatest advocates.

So choose love, my dear friends. Choose to believe that you can be broken and still beautiful, wild but yet composed, independent but scared, ready but unprepared. 

This photo shoot was about me taking my power back and making a choice to see myself in a new way. Embracing all of my body, my sexuality, my journey- for all that it is. 

"This was about me taking my power back"


For a long time, I avoided my body - it was as if acknowledging it existed would somehow pay tribute to hands and faces and the pain it all wrought.

In the moment, I mistakenly called this avoidance freedom. I was free to not give a shit about my skin, my clothes, my hair; I tried to remain as invisible as possible; I wanted to be unimportant and unwanted.

There was no freedom in that, and it gnawed at me. It wasn’t until a year after that I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize what I saw. I didn’t know how to feel good, feel beautiful, again, but I knew I wanted that. I wanted that badly.

For years, I thought of boudoir as a reclamation, a taking back of something that was lost - but again, I was wrong. We don’t lose ourselves and find ourselves over and over again. We keep moving. Like rivers against rocks we carve out new tributaries, and flowing forward we account for each high and low as it determines the pace of the stream. We don’t reclaim anything; we simply grow, and that is NOT a reclamation, but a celebration.

I am not the same as I was, but I would never want to be. This was a celebration of where I am, and who I am in this moment. I have never been more proud, and I have never felt more beautiful.

And my ass looks fucking amazing.

"I have never been more proud, and I have never felt more beautiful."


I met Caitlyn through barre-up, first as a client, then as the photographer who gave the studio its amazing new branding shots. after being floored by my first ever headshot, i decided to do something crazy and booked a boudoir shoot with her.
from start to finish, i couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Caity is great at communication-answering questions quickly and in detail, full transparency about what to expect through the whole process, but most importantly, she really took the time to get to know who i was and what would make this my shoot, not just a shoot. she recognized that i wasn’t “traditional” and spent the whole shoot pulling out the best me i didn’t know i could be.
the photos are spectacular. as someone who has never had a photoshoot besides school pictures, Caitlyn gave me amazing cues and direction to make the overall vision happen for the final shots. the whole photoshoot itself felt so organic and natural as Caitlyn just seemed to “get” what worked best for me and what i was trying to get out of myself. i still can’t believe that it’s me in those photos. 11/10 would book again a million times.”

"I still can't believe that it's me in those photos. 11/10 would book again"

Keliy & Charisma

As a member of the LBGTQ+ community, having a space to celebrate your love and sexuality is a RARE gift.

We spend so much of our lives on high alert, on guard, waiting to be questioned or attacked, getting all the looks and the nasty comments. Then you add the fact that we're an inter-racial couple, and all that it means to be a black body in this world... and it seems like safe spaces are almost impossible to find. In this space with Caity, we get to celebrate all that we are.

We are an interracial, queer, gay couple and we ARE proud of it.

Doing this photo shoot was about more than just taking stunning photos, it was about using our bodies as a message to the world - at a time when it needs it most.

BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL. LOVE IS LOVE, and every person, every body, no matter what color, orientation, scars, size, history, origin.. is worthy of being SEEN and CELEBRATED."

"Black is beautiful. Love is Love. And every person is worthy of being SEEN and CELEBRATED."

Megan & Luke

That’s what we want, we want you to capture our passion, the raw love we share for each other and with each other.

I'm flawed in so many ways and he still sees my beauty, he looks through the dark and sees nothing but brightness. He is my safe haven, he is everything. I've become a better woman, a better momma because of him. His view on life is so carefree and calm, I wish I had his heart. I've never met someone like him... Not only is he handsome as all can be, but he is the most loving man and has so much love to give. He's a good man and I love his quirks, his goofy laugh when something makes him giggle, I wouldn't have life without him.

Thank you for giving us this moment, this time, this memory!"

"We want you to capture our passion, the raw love we share for each other and with each other"


What can I possibly say about my boudoir experience with Caity? I wasn't even sure what my thoughts were or how I felt about the whole boudoir concept. Then an interesting idea for a Halloween themed shoot was presented on her Instagram and Facebook pages. Well now, if you know me even a little bit, you know I am ALL about Halloween. This would give me the chance to be my true self - the self I've slowly hidden away because of professional careers, my age, my weight gain, being a Mom, etc. I was definitely intrigued. So after a quick messaging session with both Caity and my husband, I had set it up. What!? I cannot tell you how much fun I had just shopping for the shoot. I knew the look I wanted VINTAGE GOTHIC. I bought things I wished I could always wear. I was overjoyed when both Caity and Sarah (hair/makeup artist extraordinaire) were loving everything I brought with me (Amazon truly rocks y'all). Sarah asked me what I didn't want and I basically told her I was a pretty cautious person, but not with how I looked. I also showed her a couple of makeup ideas. I LOVED what she turned me into! Those lashes ladies were out of this world! The whole hair and makeup process was a great relaxer and get-to-know-you-better time. By the time I put my first outfit on, I was pretty comfortable and ready to do this! I did mention I was terrible at posing, but both Caity and Sarah were there to help ("It feels awkward, but its gonna look great!" It did btw.). I never once felt uncomfortable (well unless you count trying to sit for the first time in a corset). Caity was all about making me feel comfortable and making sure I knew I looked hot. There was quite a bit of laughter too, which is truly the best. Look ladies, I'm not happy in my skin; in fact, I'm scheduled to get a Mommy Makeover the beginning of November. That's a tummy tuck and boob job if you weren't sure. There is so much body shaming out there, and quite frankly my own lack of discipline in keeping in shape weighs heavily on me. But this, this photo shoot, was a moment to feel glamorous in spite of that. To rejoice in who I am as a woman. To see me the way my husband has ALWAYS seen me. To see, know, and feel sexy. I absolutely adored the whole experience. I'm looking forward to doing it again after the surgery. And I HIGHLY recommend it to every lady out there. Do it for your husband sure, but really do it for you. And make sure you book it with Caity!

"This photoshoot was to rejoice in who I am as a woman"


I truly love to celebrate what my body can do. it carries my soul around this world and allows me, with consistent attention, to experiment with it. and through all those experiments, i learn, i fail, i am amazed, i get annoyed, discouraged and then surprised over and over again. sometimes, the little bits around my body take over my attention and can consume the total self. that pimple, bulge, dimple, scar, frizz, sag, you name it! i am quicker these days, due to practice (i.e. age), to move away from the little bits and catch up with the total package. thing is, once you become a mom, no one takes your picture anymore so you can lose sight of that beautiful, glorious, stunning package.
my husband has a saying “someone always has a bigger boat.” someone always has something you can choose to covet or choose to celebrate. choose you and choose to completely celebrate you. talk to Caitlyn, she will graciously take your picture, in whatever degree of sexy boudoir you want, and she’ll show you how all those little bits add up to your complete self.

"Choose you, and choose to completely celebrate you"


I feel so liberated looking at these. I’m so happy I did this, you have no idea. Your work truly is stunning, I’m so happy to have gone with my gut and chose you to capture the essence of diva realness.

Holy shitttt look at me! Like I can’t believe the pics so far... my confidence boost is through the roof right now, seriously thank you.

Alex loves that I'm thick & juicy and I feel this photoshoot is not only gonna be an amazing engagement gift for him but liberating for me. He has shattered my soul in the most beautiful of ways. He endlessly loves me for everything Im not, but more importantly all I am. I am so excited, I feel so blessed to have found you.

"I feel so liberated looking at these. I'm so happy I did this"


I'll be honest I was scared at first, being vulnerable is not something I'm great at, but I've never been so thankful I said yes to something.

Caity is magic at making you feel comfortable and confident. She also provides space for you to be creative and share your ideas. It's not always about "being" sexy with your poses, but more about feeling sexy and proud of your body.

So if I had the chance to I would recommend doing boudoir at least once!

"I've never been so thankful I said yes to something"

the kindest of words