I've had the honor of working with some pretty incredible women. Shooting boudoir sets my soul on fire. Because I've worked with the introverts and extroverts, the size 00 and curvy, but the one thing that astonishes me every. single. time. is the fact that every woman was confident as HELL by the end of the shoot.

My vision for boudoir is for you to embrace and celebrate your body and personality. Innocent, sultry, quirky, I want to capture your inner woman, that inner strength that defines you. As a photographer, I am not just providing a service, I am creating an experience. So let me pour you your favorite drink, put on some tunes and have some fun celebrating YOU. 



In-Home Session  |  $600
Air Bnb or Hotel Session  |  $750

+ NC Sales Tax


Hair & Makeup $140
Makeup $70

The whole photoshoot itself felt so organic and natural as Caitlyn just seemed to “get” what worked best for me and what I was trying to get out of myself. I still can’t believe that it’s me in those photos. 11/10 would book again a million times.


My name is Sarahruth O’Boyle. I am a teacher and an artist. I see beauty in every person, every detail and every ounce of darkness.

I am not burdened by the status-quo, instead I value those that seek to break it. Those that see the world differently - Those that aren’t afraid to find themselves over and over again - those that see the beauty and strength in that process.

I seek to make the world beautiful by challenging the idea of beauty. My name is Sarahruth O’Boyle, and what I create, is Modern Alchemy.


My boudoir experience with Caity was not just a simple experience, but an incredible one! MUA Sarahruth turned my blank canvas into my exact boudoir vision— sex-hair and sultry! Caity handed me a glass of white wine (my preferred choice) put on some tunes and made me feel like one million bucks! Who wouldn’t want some me-time just like this? Its empowering, RELAXING, and awakening at the same time. Come one, come all. You will leave a model— no matter your shape, height or size. Thanks for such an incredible time, Caity!
— Maggie B
I met Caitlyn through Barre-Up, first as a client, then as the photographer who gave the studio its amazing new branding shots. After being floored by my first ever headshot, I decided to do something crazy and booked a boudoir shoot with her.

From start to finish, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Caity is GREAT at communication-answering questions quickly and in detail, full transparency about what to expect through the whole process, but most importantly, she really took the time to get to know who I was and what would make this MY shoot, not just A shoot. She recognized that I wasn’t “traditional” and spent the whole shoot pulling out the best me I didn’t know I could be.

The photos are spectacular. As someone who has never had a photoshoot besides school pictures, Caitlyn gave me amazing cues and direction to make the overall vision happen for the final shots. The whole photoshoot itself felt so organic and natural as Caitlyn just seemed to “get” what worked best for me and what I was trying to get out of myself. I still can’t believe that it’s me in those photos. 11/10 would book again a million times.
— Lisa D
What can I possibly say about my boudoir experience with Caity? I wasn’t even sure what my thoughts were or how I felt about the whole boudoir concept. Then an interesting idea for a Halloween themed shoot was presented on her Instagram and Facebook pages. Well now, if you know me even a little bit, you know I am ALL about Halloween. This would give me the chance to be my true self - the self I’ve slowly hidden away because of professional careers, my age, my weight gain, being a Mom, etc. I was definitely intrigued. So after a quick messaging session with both Caity and my husband, I had set it up.

What!? I cannot tell you how much fun I had just shopping for the shoot. I knew the look I wanted VINTAGE GOTHIC. I bought things I wished I could always wear. I was overjoyed when both Caity and Sarah (hair/makeup artist extraordinaire) were loving everything I brought with me (Amazon truly rocks y’all). Sarah asked me what I didn’t want and I basically told her I was a pretty cautious person, but not with how I looked. I also showed her a couple of makeup ideas. I LOVED what she turned me into! Those lashes ladies were out of this world! The whole hair and makeup process was a great relaxer and get-to-know-you-better time. By the time I put my first outfit on, I was pretty comfortable and ready to do this! I did mention I was terrible at posing, but both Caity and Sarah were there to help (“It feels awkward, but its gonna look great!” It did btw.). I never once felt uncomfortable (well unless you count trying to sit for the first time in a corset). Caity was all about making me feel comfortable and making sure I knew I looked hot. There was quite a bit of laughter too, which is truly the best.

Look ladies, I’m not happy in my skin; in fact, I’m scheduled to get a Mommy Makeover the beginning of November. That’s a tummy tuck and boob job if you weren’t sure. There is so much body shaming out there, and quite frankly my own lack of discipline in keeping in shape weighs heavily on me. But this, this photo shoot, was a moment to feel glamorous in spite of that. To rejoice in who I am as a woman. To see me the way my husband has ALWAYS seen me. To see, know, and feel sexy. I absolutely adored the whole experience. I’m looking forward to doing it again after the surgery. And I HIGHLY recommend it to every lady out there. Do it for your husband sure, but really do it for you. And make sure you book it with Caity!
— Stacee T
I’ve known Caity for years and I’ve always thought she was the most creative, talented, and badass chicka. With my recent bodouir photo shoot, I no longer “think” these things..I KNOW!! It was the most relaxing and fun shoot I’ve done! She comes highly recommended to anyone. She truly knows how to capture the moments and lifestyle of those around her.
— Michaela L
First off, let me start by saying Caity is amazing! She knows how to make you feel confident, sexy and strong all at the same time, plus she’s such a badass!

I’ve always wanted to do a shoot like this and admired Caity’s work, but never felt confident enough to actually do one. So when i got the opportunity to do one, I was excited but also very nervous. Excited because I was going to get to shoot with my amazing friend and knew she could work her magic no matter what, but nervous because I don’t look like the skinny models I see in pictures. I have scars that I’m still trying to learn how to love and I feel like I’m totally awkward in front of a camera.

At the beginning of the shoot, I felt somewhat uncomfortable because I didn’t know what to do with my hands, but Caity came to the rescue and told me exactly what to do and that helped a lot! I became more and more confident as we kept taking photos. By the end it all started to feel natural and it was easy to just be myself.

Looking at the pictures, I AM BLOWN AWAY. I can’t believe that is me! I’m so happy that I was able to shoot with Caity and I definitely recommend that everyone, especially women, try it at least once! It’ll change your life!
— Katelyn H
Caity is so AMAZING! Whether you need help with branding, business, personal photos, or you just want to feel incredible and strong, she’s definitely what you’re looking for. I’ve done 3 shoots with Caity now and every single time it has been a wonderful experience. I’m super awkward and it’s not easy for me to let people see all that good stuff under the surface, but Caity will make you feel so comfortable and so natural that you don’t even realize she’s bringing out your inner badass. She’s an amazing photographer and has a brilliant eye for angles and perspective. GO SEE THIS LADY!
— Jaimee J
I truly love to celebrate what my body can do. It carries my soul around this world and allows me, with consistent attention, to experiment with it. And through all those experiments, I learn, I fail, I am amazed, I get annoyed, discouraged and then surprised over and over again. Sometimes, the little bits around my body take over my attention and can consume the total self. That pimple, bulge, dimple, scar, frizz, sag, you name it! I am quicker these days, due to practice (i.e. Age), to move away from the little bits and catch up with the total package. Thing is, once you become a mom, no one takes your picture anymore so you can lose sight of that beautiful, glorious, stunning package.

My husband has a saying “Someone always has a bigger boat.” Someone always has something you can CHOOSE to covet or CHOOSE to celebrate. Choose you and choose to completely celebrate you. Talk to Caitlyn, she will graciously take your picture, in whatever degree of sexy boudoir you want, and she’ll show you how all those little bits add up to your complete self.
— Jen M
I first met Caity as my Krav Maga instructor and I remember thinking, wow she is badass. Through the years, I’ve had the honor to get to know her and she is thoughtful, incredibly talented in multiple facets and still one of the most badass people I know. She has taken exquisite action shots of me during Krav Maga tests, and I am so thankful of her capturing special moments that I get to keep forever.

Most recently, she helped me check off one of my bucket list items, but something I was nervous to do. We had a boudoir photoshoot. The entire process from initial contact to the end product was an unforgettable and beautiful experience. Before the shoot, we communicated what I was looking for and she asked for my favorite beer or wine. The day of the shoot, she was prepared with everything including my favorite wine to put the cherry on top.

Boudoir for me is an elegant photoshoot that captures the human body in an artistic way and the personality of the model. It is pivotal to be able trust your photographer to capture the essence of who you are in this intimate setting. I’ve never had so much fun during a photoshoot and the time flew by! She gave excellent direction, very open to my ideas and we had a fun conversation the entire time. Caity made me feel like a rockstar leaving the shoot and I was so excited to see the end product. She had a quick turnaround and sent me the gallery of photos the next day, and there wasn’t a single photo I didn’t love. Every photo captured was what I was looking for.

If you’ve ever given even the slightest thought of a boudoir shoot, it is empowering and fun that captures the strength and beauty of your body and you. Caity is ridiculously talented and professional. I highly recommend her for your next photoshoot.
— Sabrina A