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"I will cherish all of these photos til the day I die. Absolutely beautiful. So many of these pictures really capture the essence of our relationship and I can’t thank Caity enough for these <3"

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Wanna order pizza + play video games?  Pour some hot cocoa and cuddle? Hang out with your fur babies? In-home sessions are my fav!

Bonfires, river picnics, sunflower fields, I am so down for some  outdoor adventures. Especially if there's water involved! 

Screw the stiff, smiling blankly at the camera photo sessions. I'm here to capture the small touches, the quirks, the passion. Imma bring a six pack or your favorite beverage, put on some tunes and capture some magic. I direct my sessions like mini scenes in a movie - I'll guide you through different prompts + directions so you're not left wondering what to do or where to look.

I've got a track record of guys leaving their sessions saying how much fun they had. which is pretty rad. So don't spend time wishing you had those intimate moments framed on your wall - let's make it happen!I gotchu, let's have some fun!

Got a favorite brewery or hangout spot downtown? Always up for beer + tacos + photos, ya'll. 

inhome cuddle sessions

downtown vibes + drinks

outdoor adventures


let's go adventuring

Starting at $450 for 1 hour

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