Empowering you to embrace vulnerability with images so powerful they take your breath away.

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Hey, I’m Caity

and I create an experience that tells your story authentically and passionately. 

Empowering you to embrace vulnerability and see yourself in a new way.

I have the unique and amazing job of capturing memories and creating powerful reflections..

Not the reflection you stare at while you pinch and pull at yourself, but the spark inside you that lights up your entire personality. 

All that chemistry between you and your person—that’s what I get to see through my lens and I’m so freakin’ lucky. 

I fully believe photos should be snapshots of an incredible experience—and when I shoot my couples I strive to create an atmosphere where they are welcome to be THEM.

There's music, drinks, good conversation, and laughter.

All I do is simply provide the opportunity for you to love on your partner and capture those memories.

But above all there's love.

I believe...

Photos have a unique ability to simultaneously heal + evoke emotions.

I have fallen so deeply in love with the magic of empowering women.

Boudoir is all about celebrating your power × beauty × sensuality × femininity × strength × vulnerability × fierceness

I grew up in the era of emotional purity in Christian conservative circles on top of the religious taboo view of sex. It wasn't healthy or godly. It was oppressive, shaming, and damaging to me as a young woman.

My value + worth is not tied to my sexuality. And neither is yours. 

I’m not saying a boudoir shoot is going to magically change the doubts + fears in your mind. BUT I am saying, you will be forever changed by this experience.

Boudoir photos are a chance to see yourself in a new light. I've worked with women, men, non-binary, and humans who love across the spectrum.

I'm here to serve, support + capture YOUR story. YOUR body. YOUR love.

I help you walk away confident AF while showing you yourself in a new light—the light everyone else sees.

I'm here to serve, support + capture YOUR story. YOUR body. YOUR love.

Ready to see yourself through my lens?

let's do this