Empowering you to embrace vulnerability with images so powerful they take your breath away.

Empowering you to embrace vulnerability with images so powerful they take your breath away.

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Capturing the essence of you with 

intimacy and passion. 


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I believe in pushing creative boundaries + empowering you to embrace vulnerability.

Hey! I’m Caity, queen of steam, and focused on creating an experience that tells your love story authentically and passionately. 

I’m obsessed with genuine emotion and shooting couples deeply in love —capturing the raw genuine moments that make us human. I fully believe photos should be a snapshot of an incredible experience and when I shoot, I strive to create an atmosphere where you are welcome to be YOU.

Simply put, I provide the opportunity for you to love on your partner and capture those moments.

Let's capture sparks and create magic. 🔥

Dip into your magic

"Caity doesn't just take your picture.
she feels, builds and creates an energy so powerful it takes your breath away"







Caity must be the one to photograph your moment! 

She has an eye for the most perfect, most genuine, shots. Every time she sets the bar higher than she did before! I've had three sessions with her so far - engagement, bridals, and wedding - each was rewarded with such beautiful memories. Caity is there for you, there to make sure every part of your love is captured! She manages to catch it all in such a wonderful light! She was meant to do this and she is the BEST option for your wedding and your love! A true artist and friend for life!

- cati + brandon

What started out as a “I hope I can truly see myself as others see me” has turned into a TRANSFORMATIONAL boudoir session I will NEVER forget.

I booked a boudoir shoot with caity & OH MY GOSH. Why hadn’t I done this sooner!? When I first walked into this BEAUTIFUL Airbnb to shoot, I was nervous as hell but Caity was able to really loosen me up (with the help of some mimosas 😉) & just boosting my confidence up.

Caity will bring sunshine & empowerment into your life by these photos and giving you the boost of confidence you always needed. Thank you soooo much caity for your truly amazing gift!!   

- tasha

She was incredibly accommodating and supportive with changes to our plans due to COVID and ended up capturing our day perfectly

Caity was amazing as our wedding photographer! She was a photography ninja during the ceremony and reception, we didn't notice her, but she was everywhere capturing all the perfect candid moments! Also, she was so incredibly fast with getting the photos back to us - nobody could believe that we already had our photos back! We'll never be able to thank her enough for capturing every moment of our perfect day!

-Caroline + patrick

We want you to capture our passion, the raw love we share for each other and with each other

That’s what we want, we want you to capture our passion, the raw love we share for each other and with each other.

I'm flawed in so many ways and he still sees my beauty, he looks through the dark and sees nothing but brightness. He is my safe haven, he is everything. I've become a better woman, a better momma because of him. His view on life is so carefree and calm, I wish I had his heart. I've never met someone like him... Not only is he handsome as all can be, but he is the most loving man and has so much love to give. He's a good man and I love his quirks, his goofy laugh when something makes him giggle, I wouldn't have life without him. Thank you for giving us this moment, this time, this memory!"

-Megan & Luke

I cannot thank hey enough for the dedication to us as a couple and our day. 

As a groom and someone who has never spent time in front of a camera, I didn't understand the value of a great photographer. After seeing the photos Caitlyn delivered from our initial engagement I was 100000% sold on using her for our wedding. By the time our wedding day came I trusted her so much that I told her "just do your thing, I am not worried" ... well let me tell you that our photos came out beyond perfect. I took zero photos of my own that day and she captured every second of the day just the way I wanted. My friends and family are more and more blown away by every photo I send them. The turnaround time for our album was quick and she was exceptional to work with. 10/10 will hire again.

-nick + kirsten

I  feel so liberated looking at these. I’m so happy I did this, you have no idea.

Your work truly is stunning, I’m so happy to have gone with my gut and chose you to capture the essence of diva realness.

Holy shitttt look at me! Like I can’t believe the pics so far... my confidence boost is through the roof right now, seriously thank you.

Alex loves that I'm thick & juicy and I feel this photoshoot is not only gonna be an amazing engagement gift for him but liberating for me. He has shattered my soul in the most beautiful of ways. He endlessly loves me for everything Im not, but more importantly all I am. I am so excited, I feel so blessed to have found you.


I cannot imagine having anyone else behind the camera on our wedding day. 

Caitlyn isn’t someone that came into photography by accident, she was born to do this. She has an artistic eye and a style that brings every color and emotion vividly to life. We wanted to work with her because of her skills but also because she has the unique ability to draw out the spark from those that may not feel comfortable in front of a camera. She is also incredibly sweet, supportive, and you’ll feel like you’re working with a friend. We truly cannot say enough about how wonderful our experience was. She captured our wedding in a way I never imagined was possible. HIRE HER!

-ariane + joe

Wanna build a life of memories with your partner, not just a highlight reel for the internet

Are excited to capture the raw love you have for one another, even if you’re nervous AF

Aren’t afraid to step into your power and take a chance to see yourself in a new way

Choosing to embrace all of your body, your sensuality, your soul, and your journey

Truly believe you are worthy of being seen + celebrated (because you are!)

Get absolutely lost in each other’s embrace and aren’t afraid to get a little (or a lot) steamy 

You feeling what I’m feelin’?


You’re my kinda people if

I love humans being humans. We love, we fight, we fuck. 

My “Why”

We have big dreams, we hold things in, we wish desperately and deeply. I want to draw out those inner desires on camera through an experience that lets your vibe out to be seen, heard, and felt.  

I'm a photographer of intimacy—a creator of experiences you'll remember every time you look back on your photos. 

Ready to see yourself through my lens?