Erin | Skyline Alternative Model Session | Raleigh, NC

Erin | Skyline Alternative Model Session | Raleigh, NC

While the rest of the state prepped for Hurricane Florence, Erin and I met up at the brew pub for beer + an epic shoot. Cue the cigars + blazers because this shoot was the perfect storm of grunge + class. I’ve been dreaming of doing a shoot like this one and am grateful for a sister who commits 110% to my vision. Because I mean there are perks of having a professional model as a sister but having her as my best friend tops it all.

Megan + Brice | Adventurous River Couple Session | Raleigh, NC | Intimate Wedding Photographer



Ya'll. Say hello to all the sultry passion. This river shoot got hot + steamy in all the best ways. 

Megan and Brice were all in for mimosas + a picnic by the river. Hello sundresses, floppy hats + barefoot dancing in the water. 


And then we hit the water. YA'LL. These shots capture perfectly my vision for adventurous couples .. i mean cue ALL the passion. Megan + Brice were totally down for getting soaked in the river. Truly one of the best Sunday mornings i've ever spent! 

Sarahruth HMU | Branding Shoot

These stunning images capture the bond of trust you build with not just your photographer but your HMU artist. Especially for such an intimate shoot as boudoir. Boudoir is an art form; one that is sadly cheapened by pushing the limit for sexual content instead of its true focus. It is about capturing the most intimate details of someone. It is honoring the complete, yet fragile trust that is given to me, the woman behind the lens, to share someone's beauty, innermost thoughts and absolute vulnerability. Together, Sarah and I work as a team to show you the deepest depths of your soul.