Dean Alexander | Gender Reveal | Raleigh, NC | Adventurous Lifestyle Photographer


Dean is our #rainbowbaby and I have to admit that as excited as we are, it has not been the easiest pregnancy, emotionally. When I first saw that pink little cross, I was terrified. Terrified of another loss and getting my hopes up only to have them crash. The timing was ironic as well - within a week of finding out Aiden's pregnancy last year. That first appointment my anxiety was quelled a little by how big the baby looked and the second ultrasound confirmed baby was growing and healthy. 

Cravings have been Greek Salad (especially my infamous childhood favorite from Elizabeth's Pizza) the entire first trimester. I suffered from migraines and constant headaches again which is my hormonal reaction to pregnancy instead of morning sickness, I guess. 

Second Trimester cravings include waffles, hibachi (similar to Riley) and definitely more carbs this time. We've been low-carb (keto for Alex) the past two months so I thought it was just that but deep down I started to suspect it was a boy. BUT I still was holding out for #teamgirl and Skylar Nicole. Surprise surprise I was wrong and we get one of each :D Alex was the one who suggested another paint theme gender-reveal and the name because I have no idea when it comes to boy names. Dean was the middle name of his late nephew, Martin, and we wanted to honor his memory. 


So excited to announce Dean Alexander!

Wednesday, August 29th the three of us crammed into the little ultrasound room to do baby Weebo's anatomy appointment. Everything looked perfect, baby is growing right on schedule. And then the big reveal: