Sarahruth HMU | Branding Shoot


We creatives talk a ton about community, emphasizing community over competition. We encourage others to know their worth and value their time. Hair and makeup artists are vital to our communities, working closely with photographers, vendors and creatives to ensure that you, our beloved clients and friends, are blessed with beautiful, timeless memories. Sunday's shoot is a personal favorite and one I'm very proud of, honestly. 

While photos of their talent are abundant (and rightly so!) there are so few moments captured of them doing their magic. The attention is often still centered on the bride or client. When Sarah and I began planning a makeup shoot, I knew immediately I wanted to capture her in her passion. Sarah is a talented, beautiful person who has this magical way with people. She inspires confidence in her clients. She has a way of making someone feel special and valued. That they are heard and seen. She listens to their self doubt, and simply shows them a reflection that doesn't match what they tell themselves but instead shows the beauty, love and care that they HAVE but do not appreciate. Sarah takes chances on people. She listens to the subtle ways people cry out when they tell everyone else they're fine. She's a true artist.

Small business owners need images that share their talent, passion and experience with their clients. This is why I launched the small business branch of my photography; to spend time working with owners to present the whole experience and behind the scene moments to their clients. The world craves connection. So let them connect to your message, your story and your business through a completely personalized, lifestyle branding shoot. 

These stunning images capture the bond of trust you build with not just your photographer but your HMU artist. Especially for such an intimate shoot as boudoir. Boudoir is an art form; one that is sadly cheapened by pushing the limit for sexual content instead of its true focus. It is about capturing the most intimate details of someone. It is honoring the complete, yet fragile trust that is given to me, the woman behind the lens, to share someone's beauty, innermost thoughts and absolute vulnerability. Together, Sarah and I work as a team to show you the deepest depths of your soul.

Erin is our beautiful model, showing both her strength and vulnerability in these photos. Enjoy the full gallery here