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I create an experience that tells your story authentically and passionately

Empowering you to embrace vulnerability and see yourself in a new way through Boudoir photography

Heyyyy I'm Caity

I have the unique and amazing job of capturing memories and creating powerful reflections.

Not the reflection you stare at while you pinch and pull at yourself, but the spark inside you that lights up your entire personality. 

All that chemistry between you and your person—that’s what I get to see through my lens and I’m so freakin’ lucky. 

I fully believe photos should be snapshots of an incredible experience—and when I shoot my clients I strive to create an atmosphere where they are welcome to be THEM.

There's music, drinks, good conversation, and laughter. But above all there's love. All I do is simply provide the opportunity for you to love on yourself and your partner and capture those memories.