Empowering you to embrace vulnerability with images so powerful they take your breath away.

life is short. you f*cking love each other so let’s capture it. 

A little blurry, a lotta moody, and                  gonna get a straddle makeout sesh in. 


This is boudoir done differently.

It’s storytelling with a big dash of sensuality. 

Couple boudoir is all about capturing the raw, intimate passion + chemistry between you.

Vulnerability is a beautiful, delicate and intense thing. It's something we embrace when we open up to our partners, sharing our deepest thoughts and biggest dreams. Couple boudoir is an opportunity to capture that intimacy + trust between the two of you.

couple BOUDOIR

I specialize in sensual bold images full of emotion and passion and creating an all-inclusive experience. It's hot. It's steamy. It's spicyyy. It's the two of you embracing and creating sparks.

I focus on creating an atmosphere that is the ultimate date night. You can stay the night before at the Airbnb so you feel at home together with no distractions. There's a little liquid courage, some prompts to help you spark that chemistry, and then it’s just seeing your person and having the space and permission to embrace them.


Get ready to feel 

My recommendation? Always add on the wet scene. 

Want to turn the steam up a notch or ten? 

Part of what makes these sessions so special is that we can customize and create an entire experience around it.

× Stay in the Airbnb the night before and get a little date night adventure in 

× Add on the wet scene or kink set to spiceee up your session

× Order in your favorite breakfast or meal to share together

× Plan a fun activity to do for your session like painting or baking or mixing up drinks

These sessions are designed to create an intimate atmosphere where we can capture 

your passion + love.

Think of it as a date night, the sexiest date night you’ve ever had with sensual photos to reflect back on forever. 

investing in your relationship is worth it 

couple BOUDOIR 

*Payment plans are available *

starting at $2250

Session Includes

☾ Boudoir Outfit Guide

☾ Booked Airbnb Or Studio Rental

☾ Adult Beverage (21+) + Custom Boudie Playlist

☾ 2-hour Expertly Guided Posing + Passionate Sparking Shoot

☾ Professional Retouching & Editing In My Style

☾ Print Release

☾ Online Gallery Of All High-res Edited Digitals (60+ Images)

session includes

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Professional Hair & Makeup

 Professional Videography 

Wet Scene 

Kink Set 

Prints + Albums Options Available To Purchase 

I work with a team of certified artists who will make you feel like a queen.

A little extra pampering didn’t hurt nobody- and it’ll take the stress off you as I pour you a drink and we get to know each other a little more!

 Professional Hair & Makeup


Just Hair - $75
Just Makeup - $75

Jaimee is my lead videographer and she's a badass ninja who easily captures the passion. 

up to 5 min video 

 Professional Videography


Shower or Tub Scene

There's something so sensual about ending your boudoir session in the shower or tub. 🔥

It's hot. It's steamy. It's magical.

Wet Scene


Let’s create an experience that’s solely yours that includes bondage and honey shots .

Set includes spreader bar, cuffs, leash + collar, ball gag, etc. Personal props are welcome. 

Kink Set


We want you to capture our passion, the raw love we share for each other and with each other

I'm flawed in so many ways and he still sees my beauty, he looks through the dark and sees nothing but brightness. He is my safe haven, he is everything. I've become a better woman, a better momma because of him. His view on life is so carefree and calm, I wish I had his heart. I've never met someone like him... Not only is he handsome as all can be, but he is the most loving man and has so much love to give. He's a good man and I love his quirks, his goofy laugh when something makes him giggle, I wouldn't have life without him. Thank you for giving us this moment, this time, this memory!"

-Megan & Luke

We had great fun, learned things about ourselves and each other and have some sizzly mementos to share for a lifetime.

Caitlyn shot 10th year anniversary photos for my wife and I. Doing more intimate photography was a new experience for us both, and Caitlyn was such a skilled guide.

Thank you Caitlyn and all you out there….you need to book with her ASAP

-Stephen + Mel


Frequently asked


I average ~60 images for your session. Each image will be delivered as a highres file + edited with my style. I do minimal skin retouching such as blemishes. I also try to capture a few gifs for my clients to provide movement to your gallery.


You can bring anything! I have a few blog posts on how to shop your own closet, which stores are my favorite and an amazon list of affordable options for the ladies.  Here are some ideas for couples: 

 Him: Jeans + shirtless / button down
Her: jeans + bralette or crop top
 Him: Boxers or briefs Her: lingerie 

Matching undies are an awesome way to bring your personalities out!

 Add layers to bring texture to your shoot!
Him: leather jacket or suit
Her: sweaters, kimonos, jackets
Accessorize! Props are welcome for your shoot. 


I have worked with women, men, non-binary and LGBTQ+ of all sizes and all skin tones. You do not have to be a certain size, look or feel a certain way to do a boudoir session. You are welcome here. 


I have an amazing team of HMUA that will make you feel your best! This is an additional service you can add onto your session. You can also choose to add on just hair or just makeup. 


Seriously, every couple says this. And we still rock out some sensual AF images. Because once we get started, you'll realize it's basically a steamy makeout session with your partner. 

I'll direct each scene and adjust for the most flattering angles, but I really just set the scene for ya'lls magic. 

what about privacy? Who will see my photos?

There are 3 options! My contract includes a full model release, partial model release  or you can leave it blank for full privacy. All online galleries are password-protected so only you and who you share it with will have access. Even with a signed model release, I am very discreet about what I post online.

What about nudity?

You can show as little or as much skin as you want for your session. The human body is beautiful and I'm here to capture it all. 

Here for all the sensuality. 

Do you shoot erotica?

I do not shoot erotica. Give me all those sultry sensual vibes! No sexual acts or sex toys will be photographed during your session.

Props are welcome (handcuffs, bars, restraints, etc)


Here’s your permission to book the damn session. Strip down (to your comfort level), squeeze the butt, and make out in the shower. 

It’s time to get steamy.