Empowering you to embrace vulnerability with images so powerful they take your breath away.

Capturing the raw, intimate, sensual, bold, blurry + passionate moments.

Photos that have the power

to heal and transform. 

This is boudoir done differently.

It’s storytelling with a big dash of sensuality. 

My goal is that you walk away from our session confident AF while showing yourself in a new light. You are enough just as you are. You don’t need to change anything because this experience is about capturing the depths of your soul. 


Imma be real with you—this experience isn't about what the world deems as sexy or desirable. It isn't about having the perfect relationship. It isn't about having the perfect body.

Boudoir is about showing up—scared AF sometimes—and allowing yourself to open up in this sacred intimate space to truly own who you are.

Vulnerability is an incredible, empowering thing that will bring you to your knees in fear + doubt. And help you rise up stronger and fiercer than ever before.

Quite simply, this boudoir session will be unlike anything you’ve ever done before and is going to empower the fuck outta you. 

It’s time to feel

Reconnected & sexy af

Stripping down has never felt so much like home.



Photos have a unique power to empower, to heal, and to inspire. It’s time to take your power back.

My vision for boudoir is to create a safe space that empowers you to embrace your vulnerability and sensuality. This boudoir experience is designed to celebrate YOU - letting you see with new eyes the truth of your own beauty, strength, and worth. 

You are fierce and deserve to embrace and celebrate it. 

It’s not just about wearing the lingerie, popping that booty, and feeling sexy. It goes deeper than that, it’s about stripping down those walls and embracing vulnerability. It’s refusing to be held captive by your insecurities and doubts. It’s knowing you are worth it. 

You deserve this experience to be pampered and feel sexy, empowered, and one hundred percent YOU.

Because you are welcome here. Every scar, every imperfection, every quirk. The self-doubt, the fear, 

Together, we will create art that will remind you every single day that no matter what is going on or how you feel you are worthy, you are beautiful, and you are 100 percent valued + loved.  

it is all welcome here. 

Investing in yourself can be difficult to do, but I promise 

intimate boudoir

*Payment plans are available *

starting at $1800

Session Includes

you are worth it.

☾ Boudoir Outfit Guide

☾ Booked Airbnb Or Studio Rental

☾ Adult Beverage (21+) And Custom Boudie Playlist

☾ 90 Minute Expertly Guided Posing + Confidence-boosting Shoot

☾ Professional Retouching & Editing In My Style
☾ Print Release

☾ Online Gallery Of All High-res Edited Digitals (60+ Images)

session includes

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Professional Hair & Makeup

 Professional Videography 

Wet Scene 

Kink Set 

Prints + Albums Options Available To Purchase 

I work with a team of certified artists who will make you feel like a queen.

A little extra pampering didn’t hurt nobody- and it’ll take the stress off you as I pour you a drink and we get to know each other a little more!

 Professional Hair & Makeup


Just Hair - $75
Just Makeup - $75

Jaimee is my lead videographer and she's a badass ninja who easily captures the passion. 

up to 5 min video 

 Professional Videography


Shower or Tub Scene

There's something so sensual about ending your boudoir session in the shower or tub. 🔥

It's hot. It's steamy. It's magical.

Wet Scene


Let’s create an experience that’s solely yours that includes bondage and honey shots .

Set includes spreader bar, cuffs, leash + collar, ball gag, etc. Personal props are welcome. 

Kink Set


This photo shoot was about me taking my power back and making a choice to see myself in a new way. Embracing all of my body, my sexuality, my journey- for all that it is

My body has been through so much. It has been on the receiving end of all my frustration, criticism, all my self hate- through an eating disorder, self harm, stomach ulcers, PTSD, cancer scares.

Growing up, I was always told to “love others as you love yourself” But the “love” I show myself is often full of judgments and criticism. I am my own worst critic, my own worst enemy. 

No matter what you look like, we all experience shame, in all its ugliest forms. And more often than not, our body suffers the most from it. But there comes a point in your life when you suddenly realize, that you are not doomed to hate your body forever. The “normal” language people use, the self depreciation thrown around- you don’t have to agree with it. You have power, you have choice. You can choose to see yourself the way you see others, you can choose love- every day- for yourself. Because although we may be our own worst enemies- we are also our greatest advocates.

So choose love, my dear friends. Choose to believe that you can be broken and still beautiful, wild but yet composed, independent but scared, ready but unprepared. 


I have never been more proud, and I have never felt more beautiful

For a long time, I avoided my body - it was as if acknowledging it existed would somehow pay tribute to hands and faces and the pain it all wrought.

In the moment, I mistakenly called this avoidance freedom. I was free to not give a shit about my skin, my clothes, my hair; I tried to remain as invisible as possible; I wanted to be unimportant and unwanted.

There was no freedom in that, and it gnawed at me. It wasn’t until a year after that I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize what I saw. I didn’t know how to feel good, feel beautiful, again, but I knew I wanted that. I wanted that badly.

For years, I thought of boudoir as a reclamation, a taking back of something that was lost - but again, I was wrong. We don’t lose ourselves and find ourselves over and over again. We keep moving. Like rivers against rocks we carve out new tributaries, and flowing forward we account for each high and low as it determines the pace of the stream. We don’t reclaim anything; we simply grow, and that is NOT a reclamation, but a celebration.

I am not the same as I was, but I would never want to be. This was a celebration of where I am, and who I am in this moment. 

And my ass looks fucking amazing.


Ready to book, but hung up on the details? 

Don’t stress, I’ve more than got you covered.

I’ll send you a session guide + prep list, plus a list of lingerie options. 

All you’ve got to do is believe you can
x send that email
x set a date
x show up with good vibes only
x see yourself in a new light. 

It’s that easy. 



Frequently asked


I average ~60 images for your session. Each image will be delivered as a highres file + edited with my style. I do minimal skin retouching such as blemishes. I also try to capture a few gifs for my clients to provide moment to your gallery.


You can bring anything! I have a few blog posts on how to shop your own closet, which stores are my favorite and an amazon list of affordable options. I also have a client closet of select pieces you're welcome to browse. 


I have worked with women, men, non-binary and LGBTQ+ of all sizes and all skin tones. You do not have to be a certain size, look or feel a certain way to do a boudoir session. You are welcome here. 


I have an amazing team of HMUA that will make you feel your best! This is an additional service you can add onto your session. You can also choose to add on just hair or just makeup. 


I GOTCHUUU! I will direct you through different poses and movement down to your hands, feet and even breathing. The biggest thing to remember is to arch that back, point those toes, and rock your vibe.

what about privacy? Who will see my photos?

There are 3 options! My contract includes a full model release, partial model release  or you can leave it blank for full privacy. All online galleries are password-protected so only you and who you share it with will have access. Even with a signed model release, I am very discreet about what I post online.

What about nudity?

Nudes are often my clients' favorite shots of themselves! I fully believe in you embracing your body during the session. You can show as much or as little skin as you’d feel led and you never have to be completely nude, we let things naturally progress to where you want them to go. And trust me, it’s never awkward. My biggest asset is harmonizing with you in an intimate and vulnerable setting.


I use Honeybook to send contracts + invoices! You can securely pay by card or ACH. There is a 30% retainer + signed contract to secure your date and then the remainder is due the day of your shoot or broken up into payment plans leading up to your session or gallery delivery.


Due to the intimate nature of my work, I vet my male inquires heavily. I am not currently taking on any new male boudoir work.

Do you shoot erotica?

I do not shoot erotica. Give me all those sultry sensual vibes! No sexual acts or sex toys will be photographed during your session.

Props are welcome (handcuffs, bars, restraints, etc)


that fierce woman you are?

ready to show the world