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You did it. HELL YEAH GIRL YOU SAID YES and booked your Boudie session. But what the heck are you gonna bring? Don’t worry babe, I got you. Here are some tips on figuring out your style and choosing outfits that empower you.


lacey or strappy?

Everyone’s got their own vibe. We all have our favorite bands whose lyrics speak to our souls. All of us have pinned home decor that looks nothing like our apartments but it’s our style. #targettakemymoney And you can bet all of us have binged watched our favorite tv shows because we are INVESTED. So trust me. You have an [ idea ] of what makes you feel confident + sexy and it DOES NOT HAVE TO BE TRADITIONAL. You love color? Find a bright bra + panty set. Chose a comfy sweater that falls off your shoulders. Kimonos add gorgeous pops of pattern + color. Feeling that badass vibe? Stockings + garters spice up any outfit. Corsets are another way to tap into that inner kickass vibe. Hello ripped skinny jeans + leather jackets. You’ve got an old soul and gypsy heart? Vintage vibes give me and my moody style LIFE. Quirky? I am a sucker for those nerdy socks + geeky tshirts. Trust me, there is no wrong answer when it comes to feeling your vibe. I always recommend creating a mood board for your session on Pinterest. And don’t just pin outfits - create the whole freaking scene! Accessories + room vibes + color feels .. ALL THE GOOD THINGS.


let’s talk about lingerie

So it’s not the most durable piece of clothing you’ll ever buy but it CAN make you feel confident as hell. I highly recommend investing in a few pieces for yourself that you absolutely love. The most important thing is to know your size which isn’t always easy with their one-size pieces and generalized sizing so don’t be afraid to get your measurements. Kudos to the women designers who are changing up the lingerie industry!

Your bra + panty sets should be well-fitted. I’m personally a half-size so I use companies like Third Love who sell a wide range of bras and bralettes. ALSO they have the cutest quiz on figuring out your perfect fit because let’s face it boobs look different for everyone.

I highly recommend bringing two sets to your session because sets photograph best. Think of bringing at least one set to use under things so think of what colors and neutrals you’d like to bring. Bra or Bralette? Basically the difference comes down to support. Bralettes have the cutest backs and are generally unpadded or have the little inserts. So very little support or push. BUT they make up for it with gorgeous design + diversity. Bras will give you all the support and padding you need and are extremely classy and fit every look.

For those bottoms - you do you but let me tell you. CHEEKIES WIN HANDS DOWN for accentuating that booty pop.

Truth bomb. BODY SUITS WIN. for all bodies. all sizes. I even found one while I was pregnant that made me feel sexy with that bump. There are several styles of body suits out there but these babies smooth out everything in your torso and accentuate your features whether that’s top, bottom or both.

Let’s talk options

Alright you have some lingerie, you’re feeling your vibe, let’s continue to spice it up! Because boudoir doesn’t mean JUST lingerie or nude. Imma gonna throw out some generalized themes and how to accessorize to achieve those looks //

You’ve got that classy vibe so why not bring along a little black dress? Got a string of pearls? BRING EM. Wide brim hats and gloves turn up that high-end heat. White button-down of his? Yes girl. And pumps. You don’t need stripper heels to show off those legs.

This one is my personal favorite. Bring those earthy colors and set up for woven tapestries and plant babies everywhere. I am a sucker for crocheted shirts and sun hats. Flower crowns, headbands + all the beads + bracelets. Add some color with hippy wraps + scarves.

I can’t deny a good fierce look to a boudie shoot. To me, badass can range from minimalist all black + leather to freakin warrior vibes. Leather jackets paired over your corset, trench coats and a pop of red lipstick, and a form fitting dress all add to that mystery. Grunge it up with a crop top, fingerless gloves + a flatbill. Ripped jeans and your board. And I’m always down to play with some smoke.

set your scene and slay girl

I’ve shot showers, baths, in-home and at airbnbs, and outdoors. Whatever your vision is, let’s make it happen. Location + props go a long way in setting the mood. Add on some pampering with professional hair + makeup, a playlist with your favorite tunes, and a little liquid courage in the form of your favorite bevvy and you should feel like a freaking QUEEN.

Stumble upon this blog post and wanna book your own shoot? HELL YEAH GIRL. Check out my boudoir page to see how I’ve been #rethinkingboudoir in the Raleigh area and beyond.

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