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Empowering you to embrace vulnerability with images so Powerful they take your breath away.

raleigh boudoir & couple boudoir photographer

CAPTURING the essence OF YOU with intimacy and passion


I’m obsessed with genuine emotion and shooting couples deeply in love—capturing the raw genuine moments that make us human. I fully believe photos should be a snapshot of an incredible experience and when I shoot, I strive to create an atmosphere where you are welcome to be YOU.

Simply put, I provide the opportunity for you to love on yourself and capture those moments.

Let's capture sparks and create magic.

Hey I'm Caity 

Queen of Steam and focused on creating an experience that tells your story authentically and passionately. 

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I love humans being humans. We love, we fight, we fuck. 

We have big dreams, we hold things in, we wish desperately and deeply. I want to draw out those inner desires on camera through an experience that lets your vibe out to be seen, heard, and felt.  





You’re my kinda people if you… 

Choosing to embrace all of your body, your sensuality, your soul, and your journey


Aren’t afraid to step into your power and take a chance to see yourself in a new way




Get absolutely lost in each other’s embrace and aren’t afraid to get a little (or a lot) steamy 

Truly believe you are worthy of being seen + celebrated (because you are!)

You feeling what I’m feelin’?


don't take my word for it


This photo shoot was about me taking my power back and making a choice to see myself in a new way. Embracing all of my body, my sexuality, my journey- for all that it is

My body has been through so much. It has been on the receiving end of all my frustration, criticism, all my self hate- through an eating disorder, self harm, stomach ulcers, PTSD, cancer scares. Growing up, I was always told to “love others as you love yourself” But the “love” I show myself is often full of judgments and criticism. I am my own worst critic, my own worst enemy. 

No matter what you look like, we all experience shame, in all its ugliest forms. And more often than not, our body suffers the most from it. But there comes a point in your life when you suddenly realize, that you are not doomed to hate your body forever. The “normal” language people use, the self depreciation thrown around- you don’t have to agree with it. You have power, you have choice. You can choose to see yourself the way you see others, you can choose love- every day- for yourself. Because although we may be our own worst enemies- we are also our greatest advocates.

So choose love, my dear friends. Choose to believe that you can be broken and still beautiful, wild but yet composed, independent but scared, ready but unprepared. 

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I have never been more proud, and I have never felt more beautiful

For a long time, I avoided my body - it was as if acknowledging it existed would somehow pay tribute to hands and faces and the pain it all wrought. In the moment, I mistakenly called this avoidance freedom. I was free to not give a shit about my skin, my clothes, my hair; I tried to remain as invisible as possible; I wanted to be unimportant and unwanted. There was no freedom in that, and it gnawed at me. It wasn’t until a year after that I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize what I saw. I didn’t know how to feel good, feel beautiful, again, but I knew I wanted that. I wanted that badly.

For years, I thought of boudoir as a reclamation, a taking back of something that was lost - but again, I was wrong. We don’t lose ourselves and find ourselves over and over again. We keep moving. Like rivers against rocks we carve out new tributaries, and flowing forward we account for each high and low as it determines the pace of the stream. We don’t reclaim anything; we simply grow, and that is NOT a reclamation, but a celebration. I am not the same as I was, but I would never want to be. This was a celebration of where I am, and who I am in this moment. 

And my ass looks fucking amazing.

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If you’re thinking about getting a boudoir shoot done, JUST DO IT! Literally the BEST decision my husband and I have ever made! 

From the moment I spoke to Caitlyn, I was already so comfortable with her! She was so kind and had such a bubbly personality. I felt at ease talking to her and planning the shoot was so easy! My husband and I were very fortunate to have Caity as our photographer. Our session at the Airbnb + the wet scene was definitely hot and steamy! The mimosas and customized playlist really helped too ;)

We were both really anxious and nervous at first, but she walked us through it all and made us get out of our comfort zone and feel 100% confident doing it! She sent us sneak peaks literally just a few hours after we finished shooting and I can’t stress enough how OBSESSED we were with the results! If we could do it all over again, we would! Thanks so much Caitlyn!! I can’t believe how stunning you made us look. Your talent and passion for photography is brilliant and definitely shows! You created art and this is something we can look back on and cherish forever.

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What started out as a “I hope I can truly see myself as others see me” has turned into a TRANSFORMATIONAL boudoir session I will NEVER forget.

I  booked a boudoir shoot with Caity & OH MY GOSH. Why hadn’t I done this sooner!? When I first walked into this BEAUTIFUL Airbnb to shoot, I was nervous as hell but Caity was able to really loosen me up (with the help of some mimosas ;) & just boosting my confidence up.

Caity will bring sunshine & empowerment into your life by these photos and giving you the boost of confidence you always needed. Thank you soooo much caity for your truly amazing gift!!   

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I still can't believe that it's me in those photos. 11/10 would book again

I decided to do something crazy and booked a boudoir shoot with her. From start to finish, i couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Caity is great at communication-answering questions quickly and in detail, full transparency about what to expect through the whole process, but most importantly, she really took the time to get to know who i was and what would make this my shoot, not just a shoot. she recognized that i wasn’t “traditional” and spent the whole shoot pulling out the best me i didn’t know i could be.
The photos are spectacular. as someone who has never had a photoshoot besides school pictures, Caitlyn gave me amazing cues and direction to make the overall vision happen for the final shots. the whole photoshoot itself felt so organic and natural as Caitlyn just seemed to “get” what worked best for me and what i was trying to get out of myself. i still can’t believe that it’s me in those photos. 11/10 would book again a million times.

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